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DF Tram


DF Tram Serenitay Infinitay Album Cover Art
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Serenitay Infinitay/DF Tram

Follow up solo album on Liquid Sound Design. Remixes by The Orb & The Irresistible Force.

Illegal Lingo/DF Tram

The wondrous debut solo album of DF Tram is the joyous culmination of a 20-year musical journey that has come to fruition on Subatomic UK after a chance meeting with label boss and chillout aficionado, Steve Miller (aka Afterlife).

Sideways Garden/Vellochord

Somewhere between the sample laden chillout of Lemon Jelly, and the dreamy ambient sounds of the Irresistible Force lies San Francisco’s Vellochord, and their new album Sideways Garden. These seasoned producers (DF Tram & Jujubaba) who have made a name for themselves in the underbelly of the bay area music scene, have made a series of recordings, that are now primed and ready for the public. ​

Tripped Out/DF Tram

Following up his debut Album features remixes from Illegal Lingo. Plus a new track from Glastonbury.

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 Special Projects 

Stellar by Starlight

Feature-length audio/visual journey created with visual inspiration from Video Dub Poobah. Stellar by Starlight uses film clips, vintage commercials, and video art as a meandering path that goes from scares to satire, politics to psychedelics with a splash of humor along the way.

The Great Movie Remix

Audio/Visual project that includes audio, sound design, movie themes, film promos, and soundtracks, into a seamless mix, or "movie".

History Listen - 9/11 to Trump

An educational audio piece commissioned for schools in Europe to teach American history to young people in a new way.