The Great Movie Remix


An Audio/Visual project that includes audio, sound design, movie themes, film promos, and soundtracks, into a seamless mix, or "movie."  In the spring of 2013 I set about creating a 'Movie Mix' . I had done mixes with cinematic themes before. But this time I wanted to take it a step further. To mix audio, sound design, movie themes, film promos, and soundtracks into a seamless mix or 'movie’. My idea was to somehow put the films in a different context. Like a DJ mix, but with movies. The result was even a surprise to me. It was like a film but with no visual aspect. I released the mix, and received a lot of nice feedback from it. The mix was subsequently heard by visual artist Cal-TV. He suggested putting together the video and clips from all the films and samples I used in the mix. I thought this was a brilliant of him to suggest it, as I was hoping for someone like him to come along and do the accompanying visuals. It turned into a true collaboration. His vision would help make my dream a reality.


–DF Tram

History Listen - 9/11 to Trump

An educational audio piece commissioned for schools in Europe to teach American history to young people in a new way. 

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