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"DF Tram "Versions and Variations"

 a hand picked selection of some of his favorite versions and remixes of tracks from his album “Serenitay Infinitay”.  signed test pressing and poster..

75 dollars (free shipping)

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Sound Capsule /Bruce Haack cds 

The Electric Lucifer is a quintessentially strange electronic music/acid rock record released 1970. Composed by Bruce Haack(1931-1988), it's a concept album that employs an array of instrumentation including, Moogs, guitar, voice, and a DIY vocoder to tell an epic story of the battle between heaven and hell. Electric Lucifer Book II followed in 1979 and Haack also recorded Electric Lucifer Book 3 I.F.O. (Identified Flying Object) in rough, demo form, but it never saw an official release .Several years ago, San Francisco ambient DJ Dylan Yanez (aka DF Tram/Sound Capsule) had a chance encounter wit Haack's friend and longtime manager Chris Kachulis. After getting to know one another, Kachulis provided Dylan with access to the demos of Electric Lucifer Book 3 I.F.O., and encouraged him to mix and remix the raw material into his own vision for the final album in the trilogy. DF Tram has just released this re-interpretation of the unreleased Bruce Haack masterpiece, Electric Lucifer Book III I.F.O. CD's are $15 plus shipping

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DF Tram stickers
5 pack 12 dollars(includes shipping)

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