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"I used to be the Nightcrawler

shaking the hands of time.

Now I'm the Lounge Lagarto

and out of the subway, I climb.

From San Francisco to London Town.

My head slightly above the underground.


I'm an audio relic, a tad psychedelic,

still searching for that perfect sound.

With 11 new songs to get over the hump,

one about Brexit and one about Trump.

But enough of that lingo.

We're all set for Bingo.

So come along after the jump..."

--DF Tram

DF Tram is a music producer, artist, and DJ who is a world-leading figure in the downtempo electronic scene.  Deep digging and heavy preparation go into his sprawling and eclectic audio/visual sets. 


DF Tram recently toured with  The Orb in the USA , and released his album, Serenitay Infinitay, to wide acclaim.  It was his first album on the Liquid Sound Design label, and was written and recorded at DF Tram’s studio in San Francisco, then completed with the help of the wizards at the Liquid Sound Design studio in London, under the production prowess of the label’s head honcho, Youth.  An ode to easy listening, spoken word, ambient, deep crate digging, and psychedelia, Serenitay Infinitay features 11 tracks, including remixes by The Orb and The Irresistible Force, who were instrumental influences on DF Tram and his eclectic collage style of sounds.  The album not only features vocal collaborations with Japanese artist Coppe’ Sweetrice on “Honeycomb” and Lina Fouro on “Stellar by Starlight,” but also features famous Maltese Pianist, Clifford Borg, on “Thousand Knives."  Finishing up the talent collaborating with DF Tram is Youth, of Killing Joke fame, who lends his talents on bass.  Each track on the album tells a story, and manages to fuse many different genres in the process; from old school ambient, to straight up Dub—a true trip for the senses that will surprise the listener with its broad sonic palette.  

As one of the tracks on the album asks, "Where will you be when the starlight comes?”  Hopefully, in chillout euphoria under the guidance of DF Tram….


DF Tram's multi-media collages combining music and video have gained him international notoriety for their ability to transport viewers to a place beyond that of just music alone.  His production work can also be found on projects including Black Gauge, Jefferson Shulgin, The Sound Capsule, Jump/Cut, and Vellochord.


DF Tram regularly plays at some of the best electronic music venues in the world, such as Glastonbury, Bestival, The Big Chill Festival (UK), Niceto (Buenos Aires),  Chillits (San Francisco), Ozora (Hungary), and many more.  DF Tram was also nominated for a prestigious DJ award in the Downtempo/Eclectic category at the Ibiza DJ awards in 2008. DF Tram's next album will be on Alex Patersons (The Orb) Orbscure Record Label.

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